• Doorway to disaster: Garage door is where a storm's danger comes home

    If you don't secure your garage door properly, you may be placing your home and family in grave jeopardy. The garage door, the largest and weakest opening in your house, is the area of your home most likely to fail first. And yet, 96 percent of those surveyed in a recent Mason-Dixon poll said they didn't know how to strengthen their garage doors.
  • Storm-proofing garage doors can save a home

    Did you know your garage door may be the most vulnerable part of your home to hurricane damage?

    That's because it is typically the largest opening in a home. If left unsecured, the garage door is susceptible to 100-plus-mph winds that can cause it to buckle, allowing wind to penetrate the garage, potentially rip apart a roof and eventually the rest of a structure.